Grayslake Garage
Grayslake, IL
Car Numbers:
#404 #111

About Cartastrophe

After three seasons of racing, breaking, fixing, redesigning, and racing again, we've finally achieved the improbable. Cartastrophe is the 2015 Tesla Cup champion! Yes, that once rickety pile of Harbor Freight garbage and conduit has clawed its way into your hearts and to the top of the Power Racing Series standings. We've put more blood, sweat, tears, and beers into this thing than actual dollar bills, but we wouldn't want it any other way. Jaimy, our fearless leader and designer, has now made TWO awesome cars with the addition of the Danger Mouse inspired, Mark III, to our tiny fleet this year. He has even more tricks up his sleeve for next year. Matt, our kitten shirt and Army of Darkness enthusiast, has decided to try his luck at building his own car this year. Good luck choosing a theme, buddy. We know that it's tough to stick with just one. Sean, our lightning fast driver and wildcard, plans to do some experimenting with electronics in the off-season. He has yet to explore the wonderful world of Arduino - what better time than now! And Sara, your royal majesty of moxie, plans to start working on some custom body work and CAD drawings/models for a new or existing car(s). Our rides are in need of a serious makeover and she's just the drafter for the job. Go check out our Facebook page to see how the gang and their build progress is shaking out! We promise we'll keep it entertaining!

Team Members


Jaimy Juliano


Toni Dresher


Jessica Krull


Sean Doebler


Sara Hoffman


Matt Neumayer



Cartastrophe #404


Mark III #111

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